xboyfotos.com's - ShareX - Desktop Image Uploader Download ShareX here and install it to your computer. Installation After downloading the installer and completing the installation you need to configure it to work with xboyfotos.com. We have two methods for adding xboyfotos.com as the preferred hosting service to ShareX. We'll just go with the easy one for the sake of this quick guide. Step 1 - Launch ShareX - In the left sidebar menu click on: Destinations -> Destination Settings -> Chevereto (number 6 from top) and insert the following URL in the "Upload URL" field: https://xboyfotos.com/api/1/upload - For the "API key" field insert this: 43b7f366aade6ea40c3006cc6037b7b5 Step 2 - To enable our custom uploader go back to the first left side menu and click: Destinations -> Image Uploader: Custom Image Uploader -> Chevereto - Congratulations! You have now added xboyfotos.com to ShareX! For more information on what ShareX can do, click here
Customize upload by clicking on any preview
Customize upload by touching on any preview
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